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Shop Customization and Design
Can I change webshop visual look? +
Absolutely. TronShop provides flexibility in altering the visual appearance of your webshop, enabling you to create a unique and engaging shopping experience for your customers.
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Do you have layout templates (themes) in TronShop? +
TronShop offers a range of layout templates or themes. These pre-designed templates can be used as a starting point for designing your shop, making it easier and faster to set up a professional-looking webshop.
Can I add my own banner or slider in TronShop? +
Yes, you can add your own banners or sliders in TronShop. This feature allows you to showcase featured products, promotions, or important messages prominently on your webshop.
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Can I link my TronShop with external pages? +
TronShop supports linking to external pages. This can be useful for directing customers to additional information, related websites, or external blogs.
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Can I add a chatbot to my TronShop? +
Currently, TronShop does not support the integration of chatbots directly. However, you might be able to use third-party services to add a chatbot to your webshop, enhancing customer service and engagement.
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Technical and API Integration
How does TronShop work? +
TronShop is an e-commerce platform for creating and managing online stores, with tools for product listing, inventory management, and order processing.
How do the products, stocks, and prices in the TronShop work? +
Users manage products, stocks, and prices through an inventory system that updates in real-time.
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Are the orders sent directly to the suppliers? +
No, orders are not automatically sent to suppliers; users must manually forward them.
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Can I connect my TronShop to my current software (e.g., CRM, ERP, accounting system)? +
At the moment, your software services can read data from your orders, inquiries and customers in TronShop.
For further details, see the following article
I need a new function in my TronShop, what can I do?+
Request custom development from TronShop's support or development team, or explore available plugins and add-ons.
Product and Catalog Management
Can I create my own categories and fill them with any products from integrated suppliers? +
Yes, you can create custom categories and populate them with products from the integrated suppliers available in TronShop.
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Can I add my own products? +
Yes, TronShop allows you to add your own products to the catalog, providing flexibility in your product offerings.
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My catalog prices are not accurate. +
If you encounter inaccuracies in catalog pricing, you should check your settings and ensure that all integrations are functioning correctly.
Contact support if the issue persists.
I have reached my product limit but in my shop are not that many products! +
This could be due to a system error or miscount. Review your product list and contact TronShop support to resolve discrepancies and possibly increase your product limit.
Contact support if the issue persists.
Pricing and Financials
How much does it cost? +
The TronShop price starts on 107€ / month
The TronManager starts on 29€ / user / month
The TronLogo starts on 53€ / month
Why are my purchase/selling prices not correct? +
Incorrect purchase or selling prices can be due to various reasons, such as input errors, system glitches, or incorrect integration with suppliers. It's important to regularly review and update your pricing settings.
How will I determine the cause of the incorrect price? +
To address incorrect pricing, first review your product and printing price settings in our knowledge base. Check your price policy and settings in the admin's supplier section. For specific items, use the “How were the prices calculated” function in the product catalog.
If the issue persists, contact support with details of a specific product, including screenshots from your TronShop and the supplier's website for comparison.
Shipping and Payment Options
What shipping methods can my customers choose at checkout? +
Customers can choose from a variety of shipping methods in TronShop, including standard, expedited, and possibly courier services, depending on the integration with various shipping providers. The available options may vary based on location and supplier agreements.
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What payment methods can my customers choose at checkout? +
TronShop allows customers to select from multiple payment methods, which may include credit/debit cards, online payment systems like PayPal, and possibly bank transfers. The range of options can be configured to suit your business needs and customer preferences.
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Which options of shipping are possible to have in the TronShop? +
TronShop offers a range of shipping options which can include domestic and international shipping, express delivery, and possibly eco-friendly or specialized shipping services. The availability of these options depends on your setup with shipping partners and the nature of your products.
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Support and Troubleshooting
Can my problem get immediate attention with priority? +
Priority support may be available depending on your service plan with TronShop. Higher-tier plans or additional support packages often include prioritized assistance. Check your service agreement for specific details regarding priority support options.
I submitted a ticket a long time ago and the problem is still not fixed. When will it be done? +
Technical issues and bugs vary in complexity; some require months to optimize. Generally, we aim to fix bugs within a 14-day sprint, prioritizing them based on their impact on platform functionality. This approach ensures efficient and effective resolution of critical issues.
Why do I have to pay for support? +
Reporting bugs and submitting price lists on our platform is free. While we offer a SaaS solution, setting it up to match your business needs is your responsibility, with guidance available in our Knowledge Base. Specialized support from our team is a paid service, common in SaaS platforms worldwide.
Additional Features and Information
Can I have a “blog” on my TronShop? +
At the moment, we do not have any “blog” module implemented into our platform. We recommend creating your blog on platforms designed specifically for this function (eg WordPress)
Can I use the Google Analytics tools for my TronShop? +
Yes, our platform fully supports Google Analytics tools.
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