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General support
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Our support service is intended to solve mostly technical, business, and technical issues. The support volume and reaction time depends on your TronShop plan and included services, but you can order extra support time anytime you want.  Our service support is mainly intended for helping you with the full onboarding,  and initial configuration of our “Services”, its everyday use, and potential customization. By subscribing to and using any of our Services you implicitly agree to these terms of our service support.

One day we would love to help you with all additional tasks such as online marketing and advertising, SEO, etc., but we just simply don’t have the capacity now; that is why we will provide support services only in direct relation to our Services. But nowadays, all the communications between you and us regarding service support will be channeled via this Helpdesk Portal, so please kindly submit a ticket anytime, you need any assistance. 

Also, all service support will be subject to a fee (for more please check Support pricing here), with the following 3 exceptions provided free-of-charge:

  1.    ​​​Trial Assistance
  2.    Any “Bug-fixing” 
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