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How to fill your own category with the chosen products
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Now new function in TronShop is available: you can create your own category and choose any products you want to show in the newly created category.

1. First you need to create new category in Products -> Categories. Just click on the + button, enter the page name and click on save. I created a category called My own category, as you can see in the screenshot. 



You can also move the catgeory by using the drag and drop function. Just go with your mouse over the six dots at in front of the category name and drag + drop it wherever you want:  


2. Now you need to choose the products you want to show in this category. Click on the ... on the right side of the new category name screen and then on Edit:


Now click on Own collection (1) and then on SET COLLECTION (2)


Now there are two options:

1 - If you already created the desired collection, just select it and click on SAVE

2 - If you haven´t created the desired collection, click on the button Create New Collection


In case you  clicked on  Create New Collection, now you see this, so just cklick on OK...


... click on the + button...


... and you will see the Product Selector. Now you can filter the products by choosing a category and/or a supplier or search the product by its name, for example ruler. Now choose the desired products by clicking on the + button. 



The + button of the sucessfully chosen products will be replaced by a green tick:


When finished, close the Product selector and you will see this screen. If you want to change the order in which the products will appear in your shop, just click on  and drag & drop it wherever you want.



In case you have more than 1 language in your shop, do not forget to add the language variants by clicking on the + button:

Now go back to Products > Categories and click on ... on the right side of the screen and then click on edit... go to tab Product selection, click Product collection and select the collection you created before:



Now go to tab Settings and click on Open in browser:


Now you see your newly created category showing the products you defined within your collection of products. Good job!

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