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Trial Assistance
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Unless we agree specifically otherwise, every Trial of a Service will last 14 days from the “Trial Start”, which is the day on which you received your login into the trial version of the Service. The trial does not need to be available for all of our Services - please follow our website.

We want to make sure that during the Trial you discover and ideally fall in love with all features of the Service - that is the main purpose of our Trial Assistance. Trial Assistance consists of an introductory video call (typically 1-hour long, but maximum 2-hour long) roughly in the middle of the Trial; we recommend that prior to the video call you thoroughly click through the Service. You will book the video call using our Reservation System.

In case you will still have questions or doubts regarding the Service towards the end of the Trial, we will help you resolve them in a second video call (maximum 1-hour long), which you can book again through the Reservation System.

Trial Assistance within the above limitations is free of charge. In case that you decide to subscribe to the Service already during the Trial, you may use the so far unused video calls for onboarding in the Service - still free of charge (four onboarding, see Onboarding Assistance).

Please note that already within the Trail you receive a full (unrestricted) and fully functional version of the Service with all currently available features, so feel free to test it in its entirety. Also, setting up a Service will take some time (and some basic technical knowledge), so please reserve it consciously.

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