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How to match your newly created category with the TronCloud (sub)categories/ How to use product filters
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Please note, at the moment it is not possible to fill a category with single products - you can only match a your newly created category with existing TronCloud categories or subcategories.


Imagine you created a new category called Premium and now you want to fill it with products from the following  brands: Alex Luca, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Pierre Cardin.


However if you want to filter which product types shall appear in a newly created (sub)category, the principle is the same - you just use the desired product filters as described in Step 3 below, such as Product indication (Business rules - Custom made products, Free sample, etc; Environment protection - Biodegradable, Ecological..., Product seasonality (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... ), Product class (Design Winning Award, Designed by Famous Designer, Give Aways, Premium Quality), Product states (Action, Bestseller, Discontinued, Novelty, On Sale, Recommended) and many other filters.


Step 1: Go to products > Categories. Now find the category Premium and click on ... on the right side and then on Edit...

Step 2: Go to the tab Product selection

Step 3: Now scroll down to Product filters, click on Designation, tick the box in front of the word Brand (1) and then click on the word Brand (2)  and then enter the brand name into the search field (3)...
when the right chekbox appears, tick it and repeat this step for the following brand...

When you ticked all the desired brands, scroll back to the top and click on the + button to add the categories from which the system will choose the products of the brands ticked before...

... as you do not know which categories, simply tick all of them (1) and then click on SAVE (2)

And then go to the tab settings and click on Open in browser to see the result:

And this is the result:

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