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Support Pricing
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Support is typically post-paid, with certain exceptions (the pre-paid support included within your Business or Individual suite).

We will invoice you for the post-paid Support you used in a particular calendar month by the 10th day of the following month - you may monitor the Support used and Fees accrued in this Helpdesk Portal. You will pay the invoice by the end of the calendar month in which the invoice was issued.

In case of your (foreseen) intensive use of Support, we may ask you for a pre-payment of (a part of) the future anticipated Fees and postpone the provision of Support until we receive the pre-payment. 

We may also postpone the provision of Support to you in case you are overdue with any Fees payable to us.

Regime of Support Basic Standard** Premium or Setting Assistance** Prepaid Onboarding Assistance Package Bug-fixing
PromoTron “Reaction Time”*, **    one week    no later than 3 business days no later than 24 hours Standard Support as per the selected regime of Support no later than 24 hours
Hour limit 1 hour/month* none none 2 hours 5 hours of Premium Support or 9 hours of Standard Support none
Time limit, after which unused hours expire 1 month none none every calendar month 3 months after the Trial Start none
Who determines the Regime  PromoTron  you you Set = Standard Support you PromoTron
Fee Free of charge EUR 39,- / hour plus applicable VAT EUR 49,- / hour plus applicable VAT Included in the price of the Business Package of a particular service EUR 199,- / hour plus applicable VAT Free of charge


* all the support over this limit will be charged by the Standart Support Rate (expect of the bug reporting)

**the support is charged for every 15 minutes.



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