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How to a submit ticket
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All communications between you and us regarding service support will be channeled via this Helpdesk Portal and until further reference, all communications regarding our support services (from you and from us) will be carried out in English.

1. Log in to the portal. You probably already have the credentials to access the portal immediately, but in case that not you can create the account anytime.

2. If you need help setting up or configuring your service, please first check the documentation and FAQs of the extension. Your question might have been answered already. If it hasn’t, please submit a ticket

3. In case you have more different questions or issues, please place each of them as a single Ticket. Initiate all your inquiries in a structured input form. When making an inquiry, follow the structure of the input-form, pay special attention to the mandatory fields and, please, be as descriptive and detailed as possible.

4. Don’t be afraid to include screen-shots, links, short videos; and first of all please try to describe the steps you did that lead to the problem your inquiry is about (i.e., “first I did this, then I did this, then this happened…”);

5. In case your new Ticket is related to an already created Ticket, please refer to the given ticket number.

You will be able to access your ticket and check its status and our support team replies anytime within your profile interface.

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