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PayPal in TronShop - integration guide
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There are several settings that need to be set up for PayPal integration. The integration setup has two parts - the first part concerns the PayPal Dashboard settings and the second part concerns the TronShop settings.


PayPal Dashboard

This section covers PayPal Dashboard settings, go to and click on the "Log in to dashboard" button, then you will be redirected to the login page where you can either log in or register if you have not created an account yet. 

Create application and get credentials

After successful login to the PayPal Dashboard, first, you will need to create an application.

First, go to the, then follow the next instructions:

  1. Click on “Live” button (step number 1 on the screenshot below)
  2. Click on “Create App” button (step number 2 on the screenshot below)
  3. Type the name of application to the input (step number 1 on the screenshot below), for example “TronShop” and click on “Create App” button (step number 2 on the screenshot below)

  1. After creating an application, you will see Client ID and Secret (by clicking on “show” button in the secret section), please copy these two values, you will need them in the TronShop settings section.

  1. The next step is to register webhooks. Please scroll down on the web page and Click on the “Add webhook” button.

  1. To the URL input please type the URL address of your shop with “/api/paypal” at the end of the url. So, the final URL will look like “”. Then, select “All events”, this will select all checkboxes below. The final step is to click on “Save” button to confirm webhook registering.


TronShop Settings

Setup Client ID and Secret

Go to the TronShop Admin portal, then select settings -> Integrations -> Online Payments and fill in the inputs for PayPal Client ID and Secret which you copied from PayPal Developer portal erlier.

Add Payment method

  1. In the TronShop admin portal you will need to add a payment method. Go to the Settings -> Shopping -> Delivery & Payment and click on the Payments tab.
  2. By clicking on “+” button add PayPal payment method.
  3. As the last step you have to set up Translations, Prices and Deliveries for the newly created PayPal payment method.

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